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Monday, October 19, 2009

BalGanesh-2 handiwork of a Himachali

Do you know the man behind successful animation films Bal Hanuman and Bal Ganesh? He is Pankaj Sharma, a Himachali by birth and soul. Pankaj Sharma belongs to Dehra in Kangra distt. Pankaj started his career in film industry from a TV serial named "Hukam Mere Aka". It is his dedication and hard work that he now owns a animation company called Astute Media vision.

Pankaj's company Astute media vision is ready with their new 3D animation film "Bal Ganesh-2" which will be released on 23rd october. Pankaj has also completed one more animation movie for childeren "Panga Gang" which will be released by year end. Pankaj is certainly among Prominent Personalities Of Himachal who has made Himachal feel proud.

“I will keep entertaining the children…” - Pankaj Sharma(Director)

Shemaroo Entertainment’ & Astute Media Vision produced 3D animation film “Bal Ganesh 2” is ready for October end release. It is sequel of highly popular animation film Bal Ganesh. The film has been directed by Pankaj Sharma.

Tell us about ‘Bal Ganesh 2’ What you have got new in the sequel?

The success of Bal Ganesh stirred Smita Maroo and me to do this. Like 1st Part it is also a 3 D film. People liked story of Ganesh being alive on the screen. This part has many stories of Ganesh. It has songs by Sukhvinder and Sudesh Bhosle. Despite being a animation film, I am sure adults will also like it. It has universal appeal.

How long and on what budget it was made?
Animation work is very cumbersome one. It took a team of 35-40 people 14-15 months to complete. It’s a big budget film. Shemaroo Entertainment Company has spent lavishly to make it a world class product. Exact amount, you can get it from Smita Maroo, the procucer and vice President of Shemaroo.

You have a production company of your own and you are also a writer-director. Then, why with Shemaroo, not alone?
It is always better to concentrate on one thing at a time. Shemaroo is repute company with a good production record. It has all the latest post production equipments. It has the best team. The know how to make a good product and market them properly. It was always easy interacting with them so I really never felt that I was doing the film for some another production house.

What happened to your 3D film Pangaa Gang? It has been long since we heard about it.
It became the victim of fight between Multiplex owner and producers. Due to strike, Pangaa Gang was not released on time and in the mean while Bal Ganesh reached its final stage of making. Both films are ready, as the Bal Ganesh has wider appeal, we release it first and Pangaa Gang will soon follow it.

What is your plan for future?
Keep entertaining the children. I will try to make at least two films every year for them. I working on a film like Harry Potter series,in which live cum Animation.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Himachal Pensioners get new pay scales

The much awaited implementation of 5th Pay commission for pensioners has been announced by Himachal Pradesh Govt. and Pension of November, 2009 will be as per new pay scales.

Here are details of H.P. Cabinet decision:

Himachal Pradesh Cabinet in its meeting held here today approved pensionary benefits to all its pensioners/family pensioners employees with effect from 1st January, 2006, on the analogy of the revised Pension Rules of the Government of India. Revised pension will be payable from October, 2009 to be paid from November, 2009. The decision would benefit 97,300 pensioners and 15,200 family pensioners in the State who will be getting additional annual financial benefits to the tune of Rs. 340 crore while Rs. 1,100 crore shall be spent on their pension arrears. It also decided to release two DA installments due to the pensioners at the rate of 6 percent from January, 2009 and 5 percent from July, 2009, in cash, and deliver them additional financial benefits worth Rs. 120 crore per annum on this account. Thereby the pensioners in the State would be getting financial benefits worth Rs,560 crore.

More details at Himachal Govt. Official website.

Visit ekosh portal for Pay fixation and arrear calculator.